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Missions Of Fire And Mercy

Missions Of Fire And Mercy: Until Death do Us Part.

This is the story of William "Bill" Peterson's unit in Vietnam: C/227th Assault Helicopter Battalion, 1st Air Cavalry. His unit was responsible for supporting our U.S. Army, Special Forces, ARVN, Korean ROK troops, Australian and other Allied troops. Charlie company flew a potpourri of missions including, but not limited to: combat assault and recovery, support for troops in every way including ammo, food, water, convoy protection, medevac missions, and aerial surveillance of battlegrounds before, during and after the fight, BDA (bomb damage assessment) consisting of surveying what was left after B52 strikes, and counting enemy bodies. The majority of these incidents took place between An Khe, the Central Highlands, Camp Evans in I Corp, the Ashau Valley and Laos

Written by: William E. Peterson

302 pages Paperback

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